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Name:SGA squee
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melagan: "You know what I'd like to see?

A place where we can share our love for SGA fandom. Where we can talk about what we loved, what we miss, and the direction we'd like to take it - if we were in the producer's seat.

A place where we can talk about the stories we loved, the ones we still want to read and give a some appreciation back to the authors, artists, and the all around loving creativity that put this fandom in an unforgettable place in our hearts. A place where you can use your name because you're proud of what you have to say.

Yeah. I'd like that."

sga_squee is for the fans of Stargate Atlantis. Here you can discuss all the topics you love about the show, the things you wish the show had done better, and where you wish the show had gone after Season 5.

Feel free to talk about your favorite episodes, stories, authors, artists, vids, comms, and concepts. Provide links if you have them.

What bothered you about the show? What issues do you think could have been handled better in canon and fan fiction?

All topics are welcome as long as you offer constructive criticism. SGA wasn't perfect; fandom isn't perfect. When you post, you agree to disagree politely. No flame wars, please. No anonymous posting. Trolls will be banned. IP logging is on.

Please post all picspams, and NSFW images and concepts behind a cut.

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